Without prejudice to the possibility of contacting the Judicial Authority, the policyholder, the insured, the beneficiary, the injured party and any other person entitled, has the right to submit a complaint in writing to the intermediary and / or to the Principal Company.

Any complaint can be sent to the intermediary / agent:

Satec Srl

By registered mail to: Viale Ancona, 22, 30172 Venezia

Alternatively, by certified e-mail (PEC):

Satec srl will forward such Complaints, relating to its own behavior or that of an employee or collaborator, without delay to the principal company concerned and giving simultaneous notice to the complainants. The Principal Companies handle the Complaints presented with reference to the behavior of the agents / intermediaries they use for the performance of insurance intermediation. In case of relationships of free collaboration pursuant to art. 22, paragraph 10, Legislative Decree 179/2012 converted into Law 221/2012, the collaborating Intermediary – or its employees / collaborators – who receives a complaint immediately transmits it to the main Intermediary on whose behalf it carries out the intermediation activity subject of the complaint, and also giving simultaneous notice to the complainants.

Any complaint concerning the management of contractual relationship, in particular in terms of the attribution of responsibility, the effectiveness of the service, the quantification and disbursement of the sums due to the entitled person, are addressed in writing by the complainants directly to each principal company concerned at the following addresses:

The following data must be indicated in the Complaints: name, surname, complete address of the complainants; policy number or name of the policyholder; number and date of the complaint to which reference is made; indications of the subject or subjects whose work is complained of.

The Principal Company will manage the complaint by responding to the complainants within 45 days from receipt of the written communication.

Whether the complainants do not agree with the outcome of complaint, or in the absence of a reply from the intermediary or the Company within a maximum period of 45 days, they may contact:

IVASS, Institute for the Supervision on Insurances – Intermediaries Supervision Service – Via del Quirinale n. 21 – 00187 Roma – fax 06 42133 206 – PEC: – using the specific model available at: section For Costumers – Complaints – “Complaints Guide”), attaching the documentation relating to the complaint handled by the intermediary or the principal company.

The above complaint to IVASS must contain the following elements: name, surname and domicile of the complainants with their telephone number; identification of the person whose work is complained of; brief and exhaustive description of the reason of the complaint and any document which describe the fact and relative circumstances, also attaching a copy of the complaint presented to the intermediary and / or the Company and any feedback provided.

For the resolution of cross-border disputes, the complainants with domicile in Italy can file a complaint either to IVASS or the competent foreign authorities – which are listed on the European Commission website herein:

requesting the activation of the FIN-NET procedure, attaching the documentation relating to the complaint handled by the Company and any feedback provided by the same.

A guide for filing Complaints and further useful information are also available to customers on the official IVASS website 

In case of failing or partial acceptance of the complaint, the complainants have either the possibility to bring the matter before the Judicial Authority or start alternative dispute resolution systems provided for by law or conventions.

The complainants will be able to activate the procedure provided for in the Agreement of 19 March 2012, between ANIA and costumers associations on the conciliation procedure for disputes arising from motor third-party liability Complaints between insurance companies and costumers, for disputes relating to the management of motor third-party liability Complaints whose value does not exceed € 15,000.00; the assisted negotiation procedure provided for by Legislative Decree 132/2014, converted by Law 162/2014, in accordance with the provisions of art. 3 of the aforementioned Decree for disputes regarding compensation for damage caused by the circulation of motor-vehicles (motor third-party liability) and boats (boat third-party liability); the mediation procedure aimed at the conciliation of civil disputes referred to in Legislative Decree no. 28, by presenting a specific application pursuant to art. 4 to the mediation bodies provided for by art. 16 of the aforementioned decree, for disputes regarding classes of damage other than Motor TPL.