Sport & Leisure

Sport & Leisure is Satec Underwriting Business Line dedicated to underwriting risks relating to professionals sport: we directly underwrite A&H covers and other Line of business that may be of interest of a sport team.

In addition, we also have products dedicated to the Leisure sector, such as a special coverage related to film and audio-visual productions.

Clients’ profile

The profiles of customers to whom we offer insurance solutions, customizable and tailored, are both individual athletes (in different disciplines) and sport teams who want to protect their athletes as well as their financial results.

Our Solutions

Among the main covers offered in the sports sector, we can mention:

Accident mandatory policy

It is an Accident coverage imposed by the Leagues/Federations whose the sport teams belong to.

Property Accident Policy

It is an Accident policy which is voluntarily contracted by the clubs to protect their players and their “value”.

Engagement Policy

gGuarantees the clubs from having to pay the hiring of a player, unable to play as a consequence of injury and / or illness

Prize Indemnity

Indemnifies the Company (or its Sponsor) in the event that, upon the occurrence (or non-occurrence) of a given event or the achievement (or failure to achieve) of a predetermined sporting goal, prizes/bonus must be paid (or prizes / bonuses cannot be collected).

Individual Accident Policy

Aims to provide protection and serenity to the individual athlete in the event of an injury. Coverages and levels of protection can be modulated and customized.

Career End Policy

The capital is paid in the event that the athlete is forced to stop practicing his sport, following an injury and / or illness.

In the world of Leisure, and in particular for film productions, the main coverage offered by Satec is the “Assicinema” policy: an All Risks coverage for direct damages and pecuniary losses which guarantees the movie cast, the interruption of production, any good on the film set and the right delivery of the digital shooting in the Pre-production, Production and Editing phase.

Key services

Satec Underwriting can offer its customers:

  • Personalized insurance solutions tailored to each risk. Any ancillary cover available on the market is evaluated, helping the customer to choose the best solutions.
  • Claims management internal to the Underwriting Agency given to specialists who follow the claim management from the investigation to the settlement.
  • Assessment times: rapidity in risk analysis and in identifying the real and correct needs of customers, enabling their partners to give quick, timely and complete feedback.
  • Highly specialized staff in the professional sports and in the entertainment Industry.