Property & Construction

Property is the Business Line dedicated to underwriting Property policies relating to assets in operation and CAR/EAR policies for assets under constructions.

Customer profile

We offer professional and tailor-made insurance solutions to cover both national and international companies based in Italy and with a turnover exceeding € 150 Mio operating in the manufacturing, commercial or services industries, such as:

  • Manufacturing industry
  • Mass market retailers
  • Energy (CCGT, wind, photovoltaic, incinerators)
  • Oil & Gas (refineries and coastal depots)
  • Infrastructures (roads, railways, airports)
  • Real Estate
  • Chemical & Pharmaceutical
  • Logistics & wholesalers

Our coverages

The term “Property” identifies the assets owned by the insured, strategic for the continuity of the business and therefore such as to require adequate insurance coverage to ensure the survival of the Company following a significant damage that compromises its business continuity.
The tangible and intangible assets can be mainly summarized in:

  • Buildings and Fixed Plants
  • Machinery, Plant and Equipment
  • Goods (raw materials, semi-finished and finished products)
  • Financial losses due to business interruption.

Insurance covers to cover assets can be summarized in the following kind of policies:

  • Named perils
  • All Risks Property Damage and Business Interruption
  • Stand-alone Catastrophic risks
  • Machinery breakdown
  • Theft

Property Business Line provides tailor made solutions further to an adequate risk assessment and a debate with the Insured and with his intermediary. Therefore, in the Risk Management process, which starts from identifying risks and ends with their monitoring, through mitigation and transfer of the residual risk to the insurer, our professionals are able to define the best insurance program in compliance with the company needs.

Key services

Satec in collaboration with its Partners offers specific additional services for major risks:

  • Risk Analysis & Loss Prevention
  • Assets’ value estimate
  • Post loss early intervention

  • Claims management

Among our added values, we focus on the claims management activity which is internal to the MGA. This activity is entrusted to our specialists, who follow the claim management from the investigation to the settlement, supporting the loss adjusters in their surveys.
Our structure operates with great attention and care, thanks to a deep knowledge of customers’ needs and understanding of the organizational difficulties that losses can cause to the insured business.