Cyber is the Satec Underwriting Business Line dedicated to underwriting Cyber Security policies.

Client Profiles

Our professional offer is designed for all companies in terms of size (micro, small or medium) through tailor-made solutions we help manufacturers, retailers, services companies as well as single professionals or professional associations.


The CYBER RISK “GDPR” product protect all risks associated with compliance with the new European Regulation 2016/679 for protection of personal data. The policy allows the insured to evaluate the adequacy of the company as required by law, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the company organization and allowing the implementation of corrective and risk prevention measures.

The product mainly covers:

  • liability arising from the breach of personal data protection legislation or violations of network security systems that cause unavailability or exfiltration of data;
  • assistance service for specialized emergency management, notification, investigation, control of credit positions, recovery and restoration of data and legal fees.

The policy CYBER RISK “STAND ALONE” product covers the risks arising from cyber-attacks and digital identity theft. The product offers the following coverages:

  • Data recovery following a computer attack like malware, human error, D.O.S. attack, theft against the Insured’s computer system;
  • Liability deriving from violation of privacy and violation of confidential data;
  • Expenses deriving from violation of privacy and violation of confidential data;
  • Business interruption damages due to unavailability of the IT system caused by an IT attack;
  • Cyber extortion;
  • PCI-DSS, a support service is active, which can be delivered following an IT attack that compromises the security of the PCI-DSS standard and results in the violation of data relating to credit, debit or prepaid cards;
  • Liability arising from breaches of network security;
  • Liability deriving from multimedia activities.

Key competences

Satec Underwriting can offer its customers:

  • Claims management within the Underwriting Agency given to specialists, which follows the management of the claim from the preliminary investigation to the settlement.

  • Assistance service for timely and specialized management of the Cyber emergency with the contribution of best-in-class service providers.