Aviation is the business line of Satec Underwriting dedicated to underwriting Aeronautical Risks, which offers a complete range of products for every flight activity (and not only).

The Aviation Team can boast 30+ years of experience in covering Aviation Risks, which has enabled it to access international markets thanks also to the support of the main world operators in the sector.

Client profile

Customers to whom we offer professional and tailor-made solutions to cover Aeronautical Risks are both Private and Companies in the following sectors of activity:

  • Operators and owners of airplanes, aircrafts, helicopters and ultralight aircrafts
  • Drone operators: Remote piloted systems
  • Named pilots, passengers and parachutists
  • Aeronautical sports associations, Aeroclubs, Flight schools
  • Aeronautical manufacturers and maintainers
  • Airport operators

Our Solutions

We are also able to provide our Clients with the best quotes in the following sectors:

Damage to the aircraft

Coverage for accidental damage suffered by aircrafts, helicopters, ultralight aircrafts, both in flight and during storage.

Aviation Liabilities

Third party Liability and carrier Liability to passengers and transported goods.

Aircraft accidents

Pilots, Technicians, Passengers, in nominative or unnamed form; Parachutists injuries.

Loss of professional license

Pilots and flight crews.


Liability of both professional and amateur operator. Damages to APR aircraft.

Airport Operators Liabilities

Aircraft product liability.
Airplane Event Organizer liability, Air show liability.

Key services

  • Multi-firm agency to seize the best coverage opportunities offered by the specialist insurance market.

  • Personalized insurance solutions tailored to each risk, through a careful risk assessment, helping the customer to choose the best solutions for their needs.

  • Claims management internal to the Underwriting Agency given to specialists who follow the claim management from the investigation to the settlement.